Emerging artists get exposure on Tour

Emerging artists get exposure on Tour

portrait of JessicaWhile the core participants on the Artists of the Limberlost tour are largely career artists and craftspeople exhibiting work that has developed over a period of years or decades, there are often a few emerging artists – younger people who are in the early stages of a career in the arts, after completing a college arts program.

 This year you’ll have the chance to meet Jessica Brabant, a graduate of Sir Sandford Fleming’s Haliburton School of The Arts.  Her sculptural and functional ceramics are inspired by her fascination of forests and the fungi that grow in them. Fungus grows by feeding off nutrients of trees, and Jessica finds these growths fascinating in their various lines, colours and textures.  She’s also interested in their functional qualities; medicinal, as a food source, and even their role in the cycle of decay and regrowth in the forest.

 To create her fungi inspired pottery, plaster press-moulds are produced from actual tree fungi. Dark stone clay is pressed into these moulds and arranged in an organic composition that relates to the forest environment.  Another series of her work is created by

mimicking the texture of tree rings with clay carving and silk screen transfers.

We hope you’ll make a point of meeting Jessica at Jeff Miller’s studio, #8, and seeing the result of her personal interpretation of the forests around us.