Jerry Friedman

Jerry Friedman

Jerry is a long time cottager on Bella Lake. He can often be seen exploring the shallows of the lake, searching for the raw driftwood he transforms into sculptural pieces.

The beauty of the wood is often not apparent in the pieces as they exist in nature, covered as they are in sand, silt and algae. It is in the cleaning and meticulous sanding that the hidden beauty in the grain, shape and texture is uncovered. Finishing with a natural oil brings out the drama in the grain.  Mounting on a base of Muskoka granite or quartz further enhances the impact.

Some of the finished pieces are representational, while others are free-form and impressionistic, inviting the viewer's imagination.



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Jerry Friedman
1409 Billie Bear Rd.


August 19 & 20 2017
Guest Artists

pottery by Jessica Brabant 

cup and saucer

Jessica Brabant - pottery

Jessica Brabant creates sculptural and functional ceramics inspired by her fascination with trees and forest fungi. Discovering these hidden treasures while hiking, she was inspired to recreate their shapes and textures in clay. Through experimentation and refinement Jessica has achieved the organic aesthetic she set out to create.

 Great Blue Heron


Brad Wookey - watercolour

 Brad is primarily a wildlife painter, but he also explores his love for nature in his woodland scenes and flowers.  He began watercolour painting in 2000, and because of his love for realism and detail, he soon developed the unique style we see today.  Brad's career in the graphic arts industry as a designer has contributed to his skill of composition and focus.