Don Spring - Photographer and Woodworker

Don has spent decades capturing the beauty of the Limberlost area with his camera. Now, along with his photography, Don’s recent passion is salvaging compromised trees to create unique, live-edge furniture in his Bella Lake workshop.
Guest Artists Peggy Bell - painting, and Terry Ratcliff - photography.

Brenda Wainman Goulet - bronze sculpture

Brenda was a graduate of the Ontario College of Art and Design. Her early years were spent in Algonquin Provincial Park and much of her sculpture reflects those roots. A retrospective of her work will be exhibited.
Guest Artists: Danielle Goulet - jewellery, and Janet Stahle - visual art.

Guest artists: Janet Stahle-Fraser - visual art, and Danielle Goulet - jewellery

Catherine O'Mara - egg tempera painting

Prepare to immerse yourself in nature when you visit Catherine’s studio. She has only to look to her own backyard for inspiration, her paintings expressing the strength, depth and wonder of the surrounding forests and wetlands.
Guest artists: Peter Kourtz - wind sculptures, and Susan Colavecchia - pottery.

Brian Markham - woodturning

Brian is a woodturner who is inspired by the rugged forests of Muskoka. Bark-covered burls and slabs of wood are turned on the lathe into handcrafted bowls, platters and live-edge furniture.
Guest artists: Carol-Ann Michaelson - jewellery, and Jamie McGill - painting.

Susan Higgins - fused glass

Susan’s art glass portrays abstracted natural themes using the ancient technique of fused glass. Different glasses are melted together to create glass art and functional items.
Guest artists: Marni Martin - fibre art, and Gina Denne - pottery

Mark Kulas - painter

Mark grew up on the shores of Golden Lake east of Algonquin Park, and as a child his school workbooks contained as many sketches as notes. He describes his painting style as a distillation of his graphic design background, the folk art of his Kashub Polish heritage, and the Woodland Art movement.
Guest artist: Dan Hill - pottery

Jerry Friedman - driftwood sculpture

Jerry is a long time cottager on Bella Lake. He can often be seen exploring the shallows of the lake, searching for the raw driftwood he transforms into sculptured pieces.
Guest artists: Elizabeth Johnson - painting, and Nathan Sowery - woven wood sculpture.